Testimonial 1:

Euphoria Herbal Oils... I have to say that for me, the name says it all! During my first massage with Kathryn, I could feel the effects of her amazing bodywork as well as these unique, handcrafted oils. I sensed the energy in these power-packed remedies immediately, and have found all of the herbal oils that I’ve tried to be extremely effective. As we move through 2012, we are awakening to the power of energy and intention. These oils are infused with valuable, organic herbs as well as loving, healing intentions. The Muscle Relief Blend works its magic on my sore neck and shoulders after I come home from work, which involves heavy lifting. I use the Sweet Dreams Blend to induce a good night's sleep by massaging the oil into my temples and third eye area. I highly recommend Euphoria Oils based on my personal, healing experience from using them on a regular basis. Let Euphoria Herbal Oils put a spell on you!
Shelley Day


Humankind has turned to plants to alleviate sickness and improve vitality since ancient times around the world. It’s fascinating to realize that a 60,000 year-old Neanderthal burial site in northern Iraq yielded large amounts of pollen harvested from eight different plants, seven of which are still used as herbal remedies today. Through experimentation with plant materials and methods of extraction, extensive bodies of herbal knowledge have been passed down through the generations of many prehistoric cultures. And while modern day research continues to procure compounds for use in mainstream medicine from these “ethno-medical” plant sources, it is currently estimated that 80% of the world’s population uses herbal remedies for some aspect of primary health care, since herbs can be grown from seed or gathered from nature for little or no cost.
Beyond the use of numerous plant materials, including flowers, seeds, berries, leaves, roots, bark and resins, different extraction methods have been developed to harvest the plants’ active ingredients for use as medicines. These include teas, decoctions, tinctures, poultices, compresses and macerations, or the cold-infusion of herbs in oil or water. These practices came into being upon discovering that some plant constituents are not soluble in water or alcohol, while others are not absorbed through the digestive process. Interestingly, these various extraction methods allow the same plant to treat different conditions when prepared according to different techniques. And traditional technologies are shown to produce a product with a superior rate of nutrient preservation when compared to some of more recent origin.
Herbal oils have been infused for thousands of years as a means to extract the fat-soluble ingredients in plants where they are too low in concentration to produce a botanical oil. Unlike the mixture of volatile (air soluble) and fragrant ingredients found in essential oils, herbal oils extract the biologically active constituents in plants, including fat-soluble vitamins and antioxidants along with many other nutrients. Herbal oils are highly valued for their medicinal and cosmetic properties since the skin readily absorbs fat-soluble compounds, delivering these bioactive ingredients directly to the areas of application.
Although different cultures have used herbal oils to heal the body and soothe the psyche for centuries, they have only recently come into use in the Western world. Among the reasons for their long-standing popularity is the fact that the skin is capable of assimilating fat-soluble plant ingredients directly through the skin’s layers, and into the underlying fat tissue and bloodstream. Although the rate of skin absorption is significantly lower than intestinal absorption, topical application of herbal oils delivers these beneficial nutrients specifically where needed.
Oils infused with herbs are a delightful way to harvest the healing properties of plants and the wisdom of nature. Depending on their formulation, herbal oils can help to relieve pain, swelling and stiffness, as well as promote healing. Other herbal oils contain properties to induce relaxation or enhance the natural beauty of skin and hair. Herbal oils can also be used in multiple ways, including as massage & bath oil, beauty oils, liniments and sports rubs, as well as added to castor oil packs, compresses and footbaths. And they are excellent for exchanging foot rubs!
There is something really special about well-made herbal oils since they are naturally healing, gently moisturizing, lightly scented and sensuous to the touch. No wonder people have infused oil with healing and aromatic plants for thousands of years!
Please note the use of herbs and herbal oils should be undertaken with the same level of care as conventional medicine. As with prescription medications, not all herbal remedies are suitable for use during pregnancy or breast-feeding, and should be kept away from children and pets. Always do a small patch test with any herbal oil to avoid adverse reactions or sensitivity to a particular herb.